Create Picture Keychains out of Savings Cards – Pinterest Trial Case 4   Leave a comment


Pinterest says you can make picture keychains from old credit cards.

My test results:


However, I’d like to note that I was weary of using an old credit card, so I got inventive instead. My keychain has too many of those “store saving cards”. So, I used two of those. (I made my pic too long, next time I’ll make one shorter and just use one.)

Anyhow, this whole project came about by accident. I made homemade mod pod and wanted to test it before I posted. So, I took an old business card, some spare fabric, glue and printed off a family pic.

I put them together with glue and then put a layer of homemade mod pod (which worked fabulously) over it to gloss and seal. I then realized I would need two savers cards, so I grabbed two I could cut without cutting the scanner part or account number.

20130126-001051.jpg   20130126-000259.jpg  20130126-000534.jpg

I used spray adhesive and glued them to the back of my pic.


I will need to take a hole puncher and punch the top and voila! But, as I mentioned, I’m going to do another, but make it smaller to fit just one savings card.

Will update blog when I do :)

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